Know About the 190 Visa Processing Time Australia

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Know About the 190 Visa Processing Time Australia

The 190 visa allows you to permanently settle in Australia as a skilled worker in an occupation listed on SOL (Skilled Occupation List) nominated by a State or Territory Government agency. Whether you are planning to apply for this visa, or you have already started the process, it is essential to learn about the stages of your application, common issues and waiting times.

The Timeline of 190 Visa Australia

190 Visa gives you the chance to work and study anywhere in Australia, sponsor family members for permanent residence and eventually become an Australian citizen. But what are the stages of your application and processing your visa?

  • Once you receive an invitation to apply, you have 60 days to file in your application; if you are applying from Australia, you will be granted a Bridging Visa which allows you to stay in Australia;
  • External agencies associated with the immigration department are sending data on your health and character along with information on whether you satisfy national security criteria;
  • The Department of Home Affairs is checking your application to see if it is complete; They may email you a request to submit additional documents;
  • Immigration officials will spend a fair amount of time verifying your supporting documents and assessing your application;

How Long Does It Take to Process Your Visa?

You can expect the process to last for up to one year, except if unprecedented events (such as COVID-19 pandemic) cause a major delay. According to statistical data provided by the Department of Home Affairs, most applications take 9-12 months to process, while around 10% can take more than a year to go through depending on the circumstance. Processing time of your visa depends on the number of applications submitted in one go because they are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

What Can Cause Delays in Processing Visa190?

Knowing the common issues with visa applications can help you avoid possible delays and speed up the whole process. There are four major problems that can slow things down:

  1. Incomplete application or inaccurate information you provide can cause a major delay; if this happens, you will be asked to provide additional information or documents;
  2. You might be forced to prolong the process if you are not able to respond to requests sent by immigration officials;
  3. External agencies may take longer to provide information about you;
  4. Officials at the Department of Home Affairs might need an exceptionally long time to review your documents;

What You Can Do to Make the Process Faster?

There are many things that are simply not in your control regarding processing your 190 Visa. However, there are a few things you can do to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. Firstly, you need to do thorough research to find out how to fill out your application and which documents you need to submit. You can’t have any influence over people who will be assessing your profile, but you can speed up the process by making it complete, readable and comprehensive. It will be much easier if you hire a professional to do this for you, so consider working with a visa specialist.