Tips for applying to the Partner Visa for Australia

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Tips for applying to the Partner Visa for Australia

Let us guess: you’ve met the perfect partner and you are both ready to settle in Australia, but one of you needs a visa? The Department of Home Affairs will want you to prove that it’s the real deal, and yet you may be wondering how to provide evidence for something that impalpable. These tips will help you go through the whole process without too much hassle.

TIP #1: Start early

Gathering evidence and obtaining necessary documents for the Australian partner visa application takes time. Imagine collecting pieces of evidence to prove you’ve spent a whole year with somebody? You’ll even need things like receipts, flight tickets and expired membership cards you’d normally throw away. To be able to file your application and make it exceptional, we recommend starting the whole process very early. Get informed about the visa requirements at least 3 months before your visa expires or before you are planning to settle.

TIP #2: Provide relevant evidence 

The Immigration Department first issues a temporary partner visa 820, so find out what kind of paperwork you need for it. It is essential that you compile relevant evidence to support your application. Think quality instead of quantity! If you have been living together, you can provide rental agreements and bills, but if you have been travelling or living with your family, it will be harder to prove that you’ve been in a relationship. Useful evidence includes joint travel tickets and bills, joint bank accounts, correspondence, photos and statutory declarations. If you do collect evidence such as receipts or tickets with no names on them, remember that this evidence will be assessed with other evidence to prove or link the statements claimed in the submission. Social media records are also considered to be weak evidence on their own, but if supported by other evidence they can strengthen the application such as a joint membership to a gym or a joint wedding invitation (which you may have posted on social media) creates substantial proof that you have a shared social life.

TIP #3: Bridge the gap

Are you wondering how to stay in Australia while waiting for your partner visa 820 to be assessed? If you apply for your 820 visa onshore a Bridging Visa is automatically granted. It gives you the right to remain in the country while your application is being considered. Bridging Visa A allows you to work, but you are not allowed to travel, while it is possible to leave the country if you have Bridging Visa B. This is the best alternative for couples who already live together and are settled in Australia. However, you can also apply for the visa while staying overseas, which is much safer.

TIP#4: Ask for help

Don’t rush with submitting your application for partner visa Australia. It is a complex process, and you might need professional assistance. Feel free to call your migration agent or lawyer as many times as you need before you start filling in your application. You should also consider booking an appointment with a registered migration agent who can help you go through the whole process, do the paperwork for you and ensure you submit everything you need to qualify for the visa.