Health Requirements for Australian Visas

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Health Requirements for Australian Visas

Did you know you need to have a health examination to obtain a visa? Australia has strict health requirements to prevent risks, control how much is spent on services and make sure all citizens and permanent residents can access health and community services that are available. Here is everything you need to know!

Who Needs Health Examination?

All applicants must meet the health requirements to get a visa. If other family members are included in your application as your dependents, then each of you might need to perform the necessary check-ups and pass the tests. If any of you fail to meet the requirements, your application can be rejected.

Which Medical Examinations Do You Need?

Standard requirements include a medical check, chest x-ray and tests for Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and HIV. However, if you are coming from a country which has particular health concerns, you might need to provide additional test results. Health requirements vary depending on whether you are applying for a temporary or permanent visa. If you are applying for temporary entry, health requirements depend on:

  • Your activities in Australia
  • The length of stay in Australia
  • The country you’ve lived before entering Australia

If you are applying for a permanent visa, you and all your family members need to meet the requirements. You’ll have to undergo a medical examination and a chest x-ray and test for:

  • Tuberculosis
  • Hepatitis B
  • HIV

If you have other medical conditions, the Department can also request further specialist medical reports. And if you are arriving from a country where there are public health concerns such as Polio or Ebola Virus Disease, you’ll need to do additional tests.

Who Conducts Medical Examinations?

If you are located in Australia while lodging in your application, your medical examinations and x-rays are conducted by Bupa Medical Visa Services. If you are applying from another country, your examination should be done by specific immigration panel doctors appointed by the Department. The check-ups should be performed at an approved clinic.

When to Do It?

It is best to do your medical exams after you apply for a visa. Australia has strict health requirements you need to satisfy before the visa is granted, but examinations are not determined before you lodge in your application. Visa processing officers will take into account possible disruptions caused by COVID-19.

What Happens if You Fail the Health Test?

Some health issues can obstruct your plans to migrate to Australia. Keep in mind that it is possible to have your visa refused for these reasons, but this does not mean there is nothing you can do about it.  It is possible to appeal the decision of the Department. Applicants for some visa subclasses can get a heath waiver. To get a visa even if you don’t meet the health requirement, there are two conditions. Granting you the visa should not result in a substantial cost to the community or prevent Australian citizens from accessing health care services. It isn’t possible to exercise a health waiver if you have active Tuberculosis or if your condition is in any way a danger to public health and the community.