Where to Begin? – Bringing Your Partner to Australia

where to begin bringing your partner to australia

Where to Begin? – Bringing Your Partner to Australia

The first thing to do if you want to bring your partner to Australia is to identify the type of visa they should apply for. Not sure how to decide? Here is what you need to know!

What is the Partner Visa Australia?

There are different types of partner visas, and they are all intended for anyone who has a de facto partner or spouse in Australia. Your partner is eligible to apply if you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident living in Australia or New Zealand. These visas are a suitable option for both heterosexual and same-sex couples. The first decision you’ll face when choosing the type of visa is whether your partner should apply for the temporary or permanent residency. You need to know that uniting with your loved ones always begins with a provisional visa. This can be either Subclass 820 if your partner is applying from Australia or Subclass 309 which is intended for offshore applicants. In the second stage, your partner can apply for a permanent visa. It can be either Subclass 801 if they have previously obtained the 820 visa or Subclass 100 which is suitable for Subclass 309 visa holders.

Benefits of Australia Partner Visa    

Whether it is permanent or temporary, a partner visa allows your partner to live, work and study in Australia. They will also be eligible to get Medicare – the country’s state-run scheme for medical services and expenses. Most importantly, the two of you can start building your life and planning the future together!

Partner visa is a great pathway to permanent residency and citizenship. Once your partner gets to the second stage and obtains one of the two permanent visas, they will be able to travel in and out Australia or even sponsor relatives for permanent residence. After four years of living in Australia and at least one year of being a permanent resident, they will be able to apply for Australian citizenship.

How to Choose the Right Type of Partner Visa?

Selecting the right type of visa is crucial! If your partner lodges an application for the wrong visa, chances of getting one can drop significantly. It is important to distinguish between the three types of partner visa:

The first type of visa allows your partner overseas to come to Australia to get married. After that, they will be able to apply for one of the partner visas. If you are planning to get hitched in Australia, this is the best visa you can choose! However, if you are not ready to take that step yet, you can opt for one of the two partner visa pathways. If your partner lives overseas, they should apply for the temporary visa 309 followed by the visa subclass 100, which offers a permanent solution. If your partner is already in Australia, they should begin with a temporary visa subclass 820, followed by the permanent visa subclass 801.

Two years after your partner applies for the provisional visa, they can apply for the permanent visa if the two of you are still in a de facto relationship, and if all the criteria are met. They may also be granted permanent residency if you have been married for two years and have a child.