Employer Nominated Visas – Which One Is Right For You?

employer nominated visas

Employer Nominated Visas – Which One Is Right For You?

The first step towards getting one of the employer sponsored visas is finding a suitable job in Australia. You need to search for employers who are willing to sponsor you! Since not all the companies can offer you sponsorship, it is a challenging task, but finding the right employer is very rewarding. Australian employees are well-paid and entitled to many benefits. Depending on your skills and type of job offered to you, you can choose from various visa options, and all of them can be your gateway to permanent residency and Australian citizenship. Let us help you decide which type of visa is suitable for you!

Temporary Skilled Visa 457

Visa subclass 457 is also known as the temporary skilled visa, and it allows you to live and work in Australia for up to four years. To be able to apply for this visa, you need to be offered a position by an employer who is willing to sponsor you. If your profession is listed on the MLTSSL (Medium and Long Term Strategic Skill List), you’ll be granted a visa for four years. Alternatively, you can get a visa for two years if your occupation is on the list of eligible skilled occupation but isn’t listed on the MLTSSL.

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa 186

186 visa Australia is perfect for skilled workers who are looking for a full-time long-term job and permanent residency. You need to be working for the employer who nominates you for at least two years. When applying for this visa, you can include dependent family members in your application. There are three different streams of this visa, each allowing you to work, study and live in Australia permanently. You are also entitled to Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme as a holder of this visa. You can choose between three streams:

  • To apply for the Direct Entry Scheme, you need to be nominated by an approved business.
  • To apply for the Labour Agreement Stream, your employer needs to have a labour agreement.
  • The Temporary Residence Transition Stream is ideal for you if you already have a 457, TSS or a related bridging visa A, B or C. To be able to apply under this stream, you need to have worked for the employer who nominated you for at least three years.

Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa 494

494 visa Australia is ideal for you if the company which employs you and sponsors you is located in one of the regional and remote areas that are scarcely populated. You need to have a full-time position offered to you for at least two years, and your profession must be on the right government occupation list. All applicants are assessed by the local Regional Certifying Body and must pass in order to get a visa. As a skilled migrant willing to live in a remote area for a period of time, you will be able to fill a gap in Australia’s labour market. Regional employers are allowed to sponsor skilled employees from overseas when they can’t find Australian workers that are appropriately skilled. There are three streams of this visa you can choose from:

  • Employer Sponsored Stream lets you live, work and study in a designated region for three years and then apply for permanent residency.
  • Labour Agreement Stream is for skilled workers nominated by employers who have a labour agreement.
  • Subsequent Entrant is for family members of 494 visa holders.