485 Visa DIY Pack

485 diy pack mockup

A complete Manual To Guide You Through The Australia Temporary Graduate Visa Application

Let’s face it, Visa application can be confusing and downright frustrating. The Temporary Graduate Visa is no exception. You need all the help you can to get your Visa approved.

On one hand, immigration agency like Active Migration Australia can help you in the process. On the other hand, you realize that the help you need needs something in return; resource that you don’t always at liberty to spend.

This is where the 485 Visa DIY Pack comes in handy.

It Saves You Money

You only pay a fragment of the amount you’d spend on a full immigration consultancy service.

Backed By Years of Experience

Among other things, it helps you to avoid small but costly mistakes that could get your Visa application refused.

Clear Actionable Steps To 485 Visa Approval

From preparation to lodge, the manual will guide you through the whole application process.


What Do You Get?

  • Easy 1,2,3 Step process
  • Links to the Immigration Law that Australia Registered Migration Agents use!
  • Tips to stop you making the serious mistakes that we see others making when applying their Visa.
  • Informative checklist
  • All the information in one place
  • Produced by Registered Migration Agents with over 14 years experience