Services Offered By Active Migration

Here at Active Migration Australia we believe you should have a Visa strategy and not just a Visa. When you make a plan you should consider all of your options, analyse each one based on your current situation and determine the best way to proceed. A good plan is flexible, it has contingencies, it’s goal orientate and definable.

You need to be sure your migration agent understands your situation and has a good knowledge of the available Visas and how they can be combined to create a strategy.

These are areas we consider important:

  • Experience with a broad range of Visas
  • Experience with jurisdictional and merit review issues
  • Knowledge of the migration law
  • Ongoing development – is the other agent just keeping up, or exceeding your expectations
  • Number of staff
  • English

At Active Migration Australia you are not hiring a single agent, you are engaging a team of professionals with a wide range of experience across a large number of Visa subclasses. Each Active Migration Australia Registered Migration agent is not only trained across a broad range of Visas, Each agent has a specialist field that they champion. These champions are a resource to both our clients and our team.

Services Offered By Active Migration

It is also important when looking into migration agents to understand their knowledge of the migration act. If an agent is only prepared to prepare and lodge your Visa application where do you stand if the application goes wrong. Does the agent understand the regulations enough to ensure jurisdictional error has not been made, and will the migration agent represent you at MRT. At Active Migration Australia we have a number of MRT clients from other agents that have been told that they need to find another agent or lawyer because they do not understand the merit review process enough to support their clients. What this means in effect is those agents are not at a high enough level to represent you if the application requires it.

It is a fact that case officers are human and can make mistakes. Does the cheaper agent understand the immigration law well enough to identify jurisdictional error. If not what will they do? They certainly will not fight for you if they don’t understand the error. There are provisions in the migration act to review a decision that has been made with jurisdictional error and have it overturned or reviewed. This is separate to MRT where the merit of the case is review and has a much faster resolution period.

Migration agents must complete Continuing Professional Development points to maintain their MARA registration, in particular a minimum of 10 points per year, these can be done at 3 levels, Beginner, Intermed and Advanced. There is nothing stopping an agent from completing all CPD’s at the beginner level. This is great for the agent, but doesn’t help you. Our Senior agents typically complete all of their CPD’s at an Advanced Level and will most often exceed the minimum requirement.

How many agents are there in the other firms? Are there enough to cover your case if they are sick, injured or otherwise unavailable. At AMA we have a large number of migration agents and support staff ensuring your case will progress and a person will always be there to answer your call, regardless of where your primary contact may be, you can get support.

Active Migration Australia have a range of team members from various backgrounds and are able to support you in a number of native languages, and while we support other cultures and languages the legislation written in the Migration Act is in English. To us we believe it is important make sure when you compare agents you also compare the English level of the agent. Is the agent able to understand and interpret the immigration act well enough to represent you, and are they able to present a case that is professional and succinct.

At Active Migration Australia we are committed to helping you realise your dreams of a life in Australia. If you would like to discuss your Visa options and how we can help you migrate to Australia, please book a consultation with one of our migration agents. For any other questions, please complete the form below and we will get back to you with a response.