eVisitor Tourist Visa 651

651 Visa Australia

eVisitor is for people who want to visit Australia for:

  • tourism, such as holidays, recreation or seeing family or friends
  • business purposes, such as attending a conference, negotiating or exploring business opportunities
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651 eVisitor

eVisitor Tourist Visa Australia

eVisitor is for people who want to visit Australia for:

  • tourism, such as holidays, recreation or seeing family or friends
  • business purposes, such as attending a conference, negotiating or exploring business opportunities

You must hold a passport from an eligible country to apply for this Visa.

You must be outside Australia when you lodge your application for an eVisitor. You do not need to visit an immigration office and you will not receive a stamp or label in your passport. However, you will be given a confirmation for your records.

An eVisitor is an electronically stored authority for travel to Australia. eVisitor can be accessed by airlines, travel agents and Australian border agencies.

An eVisitor allows you to enter Australia for tourism or business purposes. You may stay for up to three months during each visit during the 12 months from the date the eVisitor is granted.

Volunteer Work Tourism Schemes

In general, an eVisitor does not allow you to work in Australia. However, you may be able to work as a volunteer if:

  • your main purpose in visiting Australia is tourism, and the voluntary work is incidental to tourism
  • the work is genuinely voluntary and you are not paid for it other than for meals, accommodation or out-of-pocket living expenses
  • the work would not otherwise be done in return for wages by an Australian resident

This information explains what you need to do to apply for an eVisitor.

You should apply for your eVisitor at least two weeks before your proposed date of travel.

Including Family In Your Application

You need a separate eVisitor for each family member travelling with you to Australia, including those who are under 18 and are included on your passport.

After You Have Applied For An EVisitor

After you lodge your application, the department will let you know that it has received your information.

Wait For A Decision

Most eVisitor applications are granted quickly, but some will take longer. The department has a service standard of 2–10 working days for finalization.

If Your EVisitor Is Approved

If your application is approved, the department will send a notification of grant by email. Keep a copy with you when you travel to Australia, as it provides:

  • your eVisitor grant number
  • the date your eVisitor starts
  • the eVisitor conditions

No label will be placed in your passport. When you check in to fly to Australia, the airline staff will electronically confirm your passport and eVisitor details.

If Your EVisitor Is Not Approved

If your eVisitor is not approved, the department will send you an email about the decision.

To apply for an eVisitor, you must:

  • intend to visit Australia only temporarily and for tourism or business purposes
  • be outside Australia
  • hold an eVisitor-eligible passport
  • be free of tuberculosis when you enter Australia
  • not have been convicted of an offence or offences for which the total sentence is more than 12 months (whether or not the sentence has been served)

Criminal Convictions

If you have had any criminal conviction in any country, a more appropriate Visa may be a Visitor Visa (subclass 600), rather than an eVisitor.

Health Requirements

You must meet certain health requirements. You might not be able to enter Australia if you have active tuberculosis.

Health Insurance

You are responsible for all health costs for yourself and your family. You will not be covered by Australia’s national health scheme unless your country has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia.

It is recommended that you take out health insurance each time you travel to Australia.

Debts To The Australian Government

To enter Australia you must have no outstanding debts to the Australian government or have arranged to repay any outstanding debts to the Australian government.

Provide Biometrics

You might be asked to provide biometrics (a scientific form of identification) as part of the application.

You must comply with all eVisitor conditions and Australian laws while you are in Australia. Nether you can not study nor do any training for longer than three months.

If you apply for an eVisitor you must not work in Australia, other than:

  • making general business or employment enquiries
  • investigating, negotiating, signing or reviewing a business contract
  • activities carried out as part of an official government-to-government visit
  • participating in conferences, trade fairs or seminars, as long as you are not being paid by the organizers for your participation

Limited volunteer work may be acceptable.

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