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Know Your Options Before You Apply for an Australian Visa

Complete Service

Our Full Service. Tailored exactly to your specific situation.Our most popular option. Support and assistance from the start until Visa grant.


Thorough consultation! Your personal consultation will take 1 hour. Complex cases will take longer at no extra charge

Checking Service

Compiling your own application? It is critically important to have your application checked by a Professional Registered Migration Agent prior to lodging.

Do It Yourself Visa

Doing your own Visa? Our DIY kits are A DIY absolutely invaluable. “If you buy this kit for nothing else but the Red Flags and Warnings, it’s worth it!”

Visa Application Workflow

Applying for an Australian Visa can be complicated and confusing, that’s why the Active Migration team are willing to assist you every step of the way with your Australian Visa Application.

Visa Strategy

Consider all of your options, analyse each one based on your current situation and determine the best way to proceed with your Visa.

Visa Preparation

Once you have your Visa strategy it is time to prepare your application. We have 2 options. A Do it Yourself option or a Full Service solution.

Checking & Lodging

Having a registered migration agent to review your Visa application before lodging can avoid critical and expensive mistakes.

We Look At The Whole Picture!

At Active Migration Australia we believe you should have a Visa strategy and not just a Visa. When you make a plan you should consider all of your options, analyse each one based on your current situation and determine the best way to proceed. A good plan is flexible, it has contingencies, is goal orientated, and definable.

During your Visa consultation we look at the whole picture. This allows our team to understand your circumstances and make a plan for your future in Australia. Our customers value the quality service and expert advice provided throughout the Visa consultation process.

Active Migration is flexible in terms of how the consultation is carried out. You can book an appointment to visit our office, or if you are not near our office, the team will be able to arrange a consultation via phone, Skype, or Google hangout.

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Australian Visa Types

Employer-Sponsored Visas

The employer-sponsored Visas allow skilled workers, nominated and sponsored by their respective employers to live and work in Australia. Australian companies can use this scheme to fill the workforce needs that they can’t find in Australia.

Skilled Visas

These Visas allow skilled workers to work and live in Australia without having an employer to sponsor their Visa applications. To be eligible, you need to score at least 65 points of these points-tested Visas.

Partner Visas

If you are in a relationship with an Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen, an Australian Partner Visa will allow you to live in Australia with your partner.

Student Visas

Australia is one of top destinations as far as education is concerned. There are 542,054 foreign/international students currently studying in Australia. Are you eager to pursue the dream to study in Australia?

Visitor Visas

Visitors and tourists flock every year to have a glimpse of Australian natural beauty and lifestyle. Not only for the purpose of visiting, some of the visitor Visas even allow you to work (417 Visa/Working Holiday Visa).

Business Visas

Do you have a plan to invest or start a business in Australia? Business Visas allow you to do just that. Know your options before you decide on such an important plan.

DIY Style Visa Application

We’ve got you covered on this one too. We’ve crafted a complete, clear and easy-to-follow manual if you plan to apply for Visa by yourself.

Immigration News

Has Your Visa Application Been Refused?

We have years of experience in helping clients with Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) cases

At Active Migration we have helped many people around the world settle down and call Australia home. We think we’re pretty good at it, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what a selection of our clients think of the service they received from Active Migration when they chose to migrate to Australia.